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10  ReUsable Silicone Bags

Blue 100% Silicone ReUSable Storage Bag

1 Litre Capacity



Suggested Retail:  $12.99

Expected Profit Margin:  50%

Dreams do come true!

A reusable storage bag that is made of 100% pure silicone.  Which means non-leaching into our beautiful plant or beautiful you!

-freezer safe

-boil proof

-dishwasher friendly

*hand wash slider for longest possible use :)

4 Cups (1000ML) Capacity!


How We Source Our Products:
We Choose Local First
Canada Second
North America Third
If we do not find items that are of the quality we require we go overseas.
We use manufactures that are monitored by a third party for compliance with FDA standards.
Items manufactured overseas will never touch the ocean as we have them all delivered by air.
Consciously Manufactured China.

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